SRC&Consulting was established in October, 1997. SRC&Consulting is an integrated marketing communications company with a specialization in targeting the Asian-American market – all of the diverse Asian-American markets in fact; Korean,Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian.
SRC&Consulting knows the culture and traditions of the Asian-American customer. SRC&Consulting also understands their needs and provides innovative solutions for the client.
Vie integrated marketing, creative, and production capabilities, SRC&Consulting offers clients a result-driven and custom tailored service.

Event/Concert/Festival Coordinating0
Main stream PR Marketing0
Restaurant opening & food consulting0
Web/Print design & Video productions0

SRC&Consulting mission is to reinforce the cultural identity between Asian companies and Asian-Americans through the use of effective PR Marketings and Event Coordinatings as well as striving to bridge the gap of communication between American companies, Asian-American consumers and companies in Asia.

Our clients are our most important asset, and we are committed to providing the best service possible in order to fulfill our mission.

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